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           Ann Mason 
                    silksart  tutor  in  France   

I have been painting on silk for over 20years having been fascinated by what happens to colours when dyes are applied to silk, be it wet or dry

My first sight of hand painted silk (when I was on a music course in a college ) simply blew me away and I have been hooked ever since.. For me the way the dyes mix and blend is a never ending voyage of exploration and as one learns each new technique the excitement grows.
Watching what happens as one applies water, salt, alcohol or candle wax is something very special.
I have concentrated most on producing scarves using various silks, habotai, crepe de chine, chiffon and satin mostly. From time to time I also produce cushion covers, ties or simply large pieces for others to make up.

My inspiration has always been colour itself, unlike Steve whose is inspired by nature, hence we are able to give our students a double focus for their work.
Each year there are upwards of 30 visitors to the village, mostly from the USA, many of whom come to the studio to work with me and they are always thrilled with what they do, often coming back year after year.

Creativity is a life affirming force for them and for me and every day in the studio inspires me.