D  i  r  e  c  t  i  o  n  s 

Driving to Durfort from Toulouse Airport ( Blagnac).

1 )  Join the ring road 'peripherique'
and follow until you hit junction (sortie)
no 18 which is signposted to:  Labege,  Revel,  St. Oren

2 )  Once you turn off take the D2 road towards Revel.

Follow  the  D2  through  the  french  countryside  and  many  small  villages until  you  pass  St Felix Lauragais.

3 )  Once  past  St Felix  following  a  long  straight  road  over a level crossing you  will  reach  a  T  junction.  At  this  point  leave  the  D2  and  turn  left  onto  the  D622.

4 )  Follow  D622  into  Revel  and  then  continue  through  the  first  two traffic  roundabouts.

When  you  reach  the  third  traffic  roundabout,  take  the  third  road  with the  Café de Commerce  on  the  left.

5 )  Continue  driving  past  the  large  church  on  the  left.

This  road  is  the  small  ring  road  that  goes  around  the  town  of  Revel.

Take  right  turn  at  the  sign  for  Soreze,  Durfort,  Dourgne  onto  the D85.

6 )  Drive  roughly  one  mile  to  the  bridge  sign  posted  at  Pont  Crouzet.   Continue the left hand bend  over  the second  bridge  and  take  the  first  road  on  the  right signed  as  D44  Durfort.

7 )  Follow  the  D44  straight  into  Durfort.  

Pass  " O feel de L' o " bar  on the  right  side and  the  red  Marie  building  on  the  left.

Follow  the  road  as  it  hooks  around  the  outside  of  the  church  past  the rear  of  a  line  of  houses,  finally  parking  under  the  large   lime  tree  at  the top  end  of  the  village  near  the  water  reservoir  in  the  road.

Welcome   to   Durfort