Silk  Painting  in  France

A silk painting holiday in France is something which should entice you.
It should  offer delicious local food, excellent regional wine, comfortable accommodation, beautiful surroundings and great company.

There should be room to work, materials and ideas and support which challenge your creative spirit, and underlying it all a sense of relaxation, the true restfulness of a holiday

These are the details that make up the frame on which I stretch the silk.
In gathering all the strands to create a perfect cloth I constantly look for new restaurants, locations and ambiance.  Tasting food and wine to ensure many a delicious meal.

I explore, create and imagine until I have a magical and stimulating concept needing only new faces to bring it to life.

The workshop is run over a week which passes oh so quickly.
Each workshop is different to it’s predecessor, evolving slowly, growing creatively.

The workshop is held in the beautiful village of Durfort in the Tarn department of Southern France.

The village  of ancient houses nestles in the valley between heavily wooded mountains,  a valley cut by the river Sor which still flows through and around the village.

There is a timelessness,  with room stretch and breathe deeply, to release, relax and feel free.  

Some say that the quartz which underlies the village shares a positive energy, there is certainly something which brings people back time and again.

I offer you simple and comfortable period accommodation, two good meals a day , three hours tutored time each morning and unlimited studio access and support along with extensive materials and a wealth of expertise.

I will take you to market for coffee and croissant at the weekend and to mountaintop villages steeped in history

There is a lake nearby in the mountains for swimming, sailing, canoeing.
Wild woods surround us and walks are but moments away.

The dyes are Dupont. Jaquard and Knaizeff.
The silks are Mulberry silks such as Habotai.
They are cut from the bolt as required by you for painting,

Because I love natural materials, shapes and colours I strive to engage workshop participants in the beauty of the stunning living environment which surrounds the village.

The course for summer 2022 is now available and I hope you will join me in Durfort for a week of magical memories and sensational silks