T  u  i  t  i  o  n   

I offer a wide range of silk painting tuition, including use of dyes and resists,
colour mixing, watered colour effects,  designs without resist,
salting and sugaring, use of alcohol, starch application and layering.

Tuition can be provided in a corporate,  educational or home environment
in the UK or by arrangement in France.
I will supply all the materials,  creative support and follow up steam finishing 
as required for each session

This can be on a one off basis,  one to one, or as group
to work on a specific project. 
 It can be over a number of sessions for a larger project as required. 

I will tailor the session, to suit your specific needs and abilities,
working at a pace and in a way  which works best for you.

Previous projects have been very diverse and included,
pictures, banners, wall hangings, drapes, set design pieces,
blouses, shirts ,scarves, dresses,  saris and lingerie to name a few 

Further comprehensive details 
and specific pricing 
are available on request

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