W o o d

I love natural materials and one of my favourites is wood. 
Its grain and textures and endless variety never cease to bring pleasure. I gather pieces which catch my eye, working on them to best show their physical structure. Sanding and shaping, oiling and waxing until they become something worthy of hanging or standing alone.

My interest is in the individual shapes and growth habits of trees and their branches as they find space to grow, the struggle for light and food which creates each unique form.

I often cut  large live coppiced sections with curves and twists of their own life experience, joining these with  raw wooden dowels as fresh artistic expression. I also make use of odds and ends left over as scraps after wood has been cut for purpose, looking for  individual form and expression.

The timbers  i choose are almost always  native species,  local to wherever I am working or living at the time.

As an abstract artist my use of wood is based around the uniqueness and physique of individual pieces i collect, there is no intention to make a specific item.

Each piece of wood leads me to create something of its natural contours, to celebrate the wonder of Nature and the struggle for life.

Flotsam and Jetsam evolution

By definition " Flotsam is debris in the water not intentionally thrown overboard often as the result of a shipwreck or accident and jetsam is  items thrown overboard intentionally by the crew at times of distress"  

This is  the evolution of a piece called " Flotsam and Jetsam' during lockdown 2020 in  London. This piece is being created with years of collected driftwood from the beaches of Sussex and Suffolk combined with off cuts taken from the local area.

For me the continuity and life story of the wood is part of the work. That these scraps were once living trees and then in some cases  were made into objects for use by men. That there has been distance and contact with the movement of the oceans and that the wood itself lives on after death in new ways, forming new union and expression.

The species used include Hazel, Hornbeam, Hawthorn, Oak, Sweet Chestnut, Redwood, Californian Lilac, Box, Elm, Holly and a variety of Coastal pines. All smaller  pieces are pegged to the central section using wooden dowels cut locally. The whole piece is heavily waxed and will continue to grow as it takes shape. The fun of this for me is that it grows each day in a spontaneous way. Each small piece is waxed and then i see where best it might fit the whole piece. There is no planned design, rather a piece which grows until i feel it is complete. 

Pictures shown  below are in no particular order and represent random snaps taken as and when whilst working. 

For now it grows and takes a new form.