Silksart Blouses

Silksart is committed to a sustainable and connected environmental future.
This of course means changing many aspects of how we have learned to live until the present time.
As a small part of this I work with preloved garments which have now been passed on for further use.
The garments I find are originally made by well-known brands over the last sixty or so years.
They vary in both designs and silk fabrics used, each having a place in the ever-changing palette of past fashion.
I up cycle and reuse these garments, creating unique hand painted pieces which carry their past as the foundation of their specific new design.
Each individual painted blouse is a one-off painting and never recreated in any way shape or form. The dyes are steam fixed for permanence and offer a richly diverse colour palette. Each blouse comes with a personally signed certificate of authenticity.

Below is the creation of one such blouse modelled by Maddie in southern France.