• “Stephen Mason’s passions for the environment and art reflect how he lives, with knowledge, dedication, and zest. He’s not one to paint what he sees rather he uses his gift of vision to manipulate, create, and develop art. His use of creativity goes beyond any box and literally wraps you around the corner to where some unknown adventure begins! 

    With his unforeseen method of painting, it all begins when Steve progressively paints along with music with an impromptu style as the artwork unfolds, leaving his raw energy to fuel and intensify his astounding range of dynamics found in his abstract artworks. 

    For those searching to boost or to simply find their own artistic spark while experimenting, you will find in his silk painting workshops how candid and concise Steve is with critiques. His method of teaching is the kind to guide and direct the student into developing spontaneous thoughts allowing for freedoms and expressions to surface, giving time to manifest and capture exciting new energies of our own individual styles that can then be applied to silk”

    Christine Sutherland
    Christine Sutherland
    Yavapai College/Artist
    Teacher at CS Fine Art
    Master Silk Painter SPIN

  • "I was thrilled to be among the silk painting group workshop conducted by Stephen in July in Durfort, France. We gathered together to learn silk paining and Stephen and Ann introduced us to their techniques and skills, showing us the process to apply dyes and resists to silk to create wonderful works of art. We experimented with various techniques in an effort to understand how the dye reacts with the silk and how to control the movement in an effort to create a visually pleasing pattern or design. Stephen is a caring, thoughtful teacher who offered his students a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere in which to be creative. The setting in Durfort is inspiring, tranquil, earthy, and very conducive to letting your creative juices flow"

    Mary Van Haren
    Building Official at City of Eastpointe
    Greater Detroit Area Government Administration

  • "During the excellent silk-painting workshop in Durfort, France, July 2014, I really enjoyed Steve’s encouragement to experiment with dye and water combinations that promote semi-abstract shapes, organic textures, moods and textures. 
    It was so refreshing to work with Steve's focus on the atmospheric, expressive, and abstract properties of silk painting rather than painting the reality of a subject. 
    Steve’s approach is exuberant, and the workshop overall encourages losing oneself in the process, letting dye and color flow, to create sometimes unexpected effects. This approach certainly opens up some new potential for silk painting, and a loose, more organic approach that encouraged me to be more adventurous with my experimentation. 
    Durfort, the village, is an truly enchanting setting for the course: it provided just the right combination of a stunning natural environment of La Montagne Noire, for hikes, bicycle rides and trips to the small villages with a warmly friendly community in the village "
    Liz Constable
    Associate Professor at University of California.Davis
  • “Thanks so much for a marvellous week of painting on silk in the beautiful village of Durfort. I learned more than I’d hoped, and came home with new skills and ideas for future projects.

    It’s clear that you’re passionate about art, and you were able to translate that through good cheer and humour, which made class time a joy. Additionally, you are a talented and patient instructor. What I appreciated most was that you gave me time and space to run on my own, but when I asked for ideas or technical help, you were there immediately to provide much needed assistance. The pieces I completed were lovely for my limited skill set – in large part to your tutelage – and I’m quite proud of them. During our collective down time, it was especially fun to explore locally and enjoy the sights, markets and delicacies the area has to offer. Many, many thanks for a truly wonderful week to remember. I’ll be back.
    Cathy Baldwin
    Advanced Technical Services NW, Inc.
    An ISO 17025 Accredited Company.
    Kent, Washington Mechanical or Industrial Engineering
  • " My visit to Durfort, France, and my workshop with Stephen were the highlights of my year.

    Stephen is an excellent teacher and provides personalised instruction that caters to your own level of experience. I can hardly wait to join him again for my next workshop. Highly recommend !"
    Nan Josephson
    CEO at Africa teach foundation
  • I love love love silk painting with Steve.  

    I have been three times now and in between i think about it and what i could do next time. I didn't really expect to enjoy silk painting as i am not very good at drawing or painting.but you don't need to be as such because random things happen once the dye is applied to the silk.

    In some ways it becomes a case of chaos management that somehow allows me to free up totally and I end up producing some rather fine silks.

    Steve is an excellent teacher who gives good instruction and advice but allows you to experiment and be creative at the same time. he also plays some very good music in the background.

    It is such a pleasure to be there and i can't wait to go back again.
    Louise Loder
    07754 802211
  • This summer 2021 I spent a month in Durfort, a small village in south western France.

    While I was there I met Steve Mason who has a second home there. Among his other creative endeavours Steve is a silk and dye artist.

    He sometimes teaches in Durfort and I had the pleasure of learning just a little about working with silk.

    First he gave me a piece of silk and told me to stretch it onto a frame. Next he asked me which colours I wanted to use. He then gave me a small brush and suggested that I just get the feel of how dyes and silk react. It was fascinating.

    Working with silk was unlike any other medium I had worked with. I was very tentative at first, but then I just enjoyed what the dye was doing on the silk.

    It was a very spontaneous process. The dye seemed to have a life of its own. Because of the texture of the fabric, surprising changes appeared on my silk.

    The whole experience was very enjoyable.

    Steve is a very patient and kind teacher. If you ever have a chance, take one of his classes.

    Ann Hart Marquis
  • I really enjoyed working with Steve in the Silk workshop. He helped me stretch the silk and talked to me about the process, and how to dilute the dyes. I used a pipette to drip dye onto the silks surface, and a brush to do finer details.

    We talked about ways you can effect the dye by using salt change the texture, and how you can use wax to create white space design.

    I did a practice one first , that really helped me understand more how to use the dye,

    it was my first time using silk, which is very unpredictable in how it reacts.

    I found the process very meditative and satisfying.

    Florence Eaglesfield
  • “Stephen, thanks again for a terrific workshop. The environment of encouragement and experimentation was liberating. It was wonderful to have Ann also as an instructor to get a variety of styles and instruction. The town of Durfort, France is unable to be duplicated. It is historic, quaint, beautiful, and friendly. Truly a find. I really enjoyed the adventure and would highly recommend it to any skill level. Thx.”
    Bev Blitzer
    Independent Arts and Crafts Professsional
  • “'Stephen's gentle & tailored encouragement gave me confidence to enjoy my flow.

    In hindsight, this is my reason for attending tuition in silk painting. Access to Stephen's art resources enabled a quick introduction to how colour might behave in silk dye application.' 


  • “I did a 2 day weekend silk painting course with Stephen recently and really enjoyed it.

    I had some knowledge of silk painting from twenty years ago, but still found it very informative and learned some new techniques.

    Would definitely recommend, was a very enjoyable weekend. 

    Rowan Hutchinson
    East Sussex
  • “A wonderful way to spend a weekend - learning how to paint on silk !

    Based at a beautiful garden studio in Battle, silk artist Stephen Mason shared interesting techniques of painting on silk and then let me have free reign experimenting with many different colours.

    Stephen was on hand to guide me at all times and share his expertise with me. Over the 3 day course I made a small picture to frame and a long scarf.

    I am impressed with what I achieved over the few days and highly recommend this wonderfully creative course. I shall be back!!  

    Amanda Williams
    @ seagal _ clothing
  • My daughter and I spent two days learning about silk painting.

    We both thoroughly enjoyed the experience thanks to the patience and encouragement from Stephen.

    He was a very inspiring and informative teacher. He gave us guidance but left us to experiment.

    The venue is delightful and the lunch delicious.

    The blank scarf project was daunting but once we started it was fun Guidance from Stephen re colours was much needed and appreciated.

    We were both delighted and impressed with the finished results.

    I would certainly recommend the two day course. I am now inspired to do more silk painting.

    Christine Baldock 
    East Sussex
  • My time with Stephen was most enjoyable, his tuition was both informative and supportive . 

    The lovely studio and garden offered a calm and unusual environment for my first silk sorte .

    Whilst nervous to begin I soon settled into the process of dye on silk, eventually creating a scarf I am proud to have made myself. 

    A challenging weekend which  tempts me to work again with silk.

    Celeste Fulton